Experience unparalleled peace of mind with VR DENTALCAD STUDIO

A 100% Free Warranty for an entire year on every product sourced from our esteemed dental lab. Your satisfaction and patient's well-being are our top priorities, and this warranty exemplifies our commitment to delivering impeccable quality and reliability. Partner with us confidently, knowing that your investment is safeguarded by our unwavering guarantee.

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📅 Delivery Timeline

Orthodontic Appliances:

  • 7 working days

Prosthetic Crowns:

  • 7 working days for crowns and bridges
  • 8 working days for implant restorations
Track Your Cases

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Please click the button below, if your intraoral scanner eligible for connection. By sending us intraoral scans, we can actually cut down the delivery time of your orthodontic appliances and prosthetic crowns by 1 working day.

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Cutting-Edge Zirconia Solutions from VR DentalCAD Studio

Greetings from VR DentalCAD Studio, where innovation meets excellence in digital dentistry! We understand the importance of staying ahead in the ever-evolving field of dental care, and we're excited to share how our Superior Zirconia solutions can revolutionize your practice.

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